Executive Summary: Green State ‘Vision’ of West Papua

West Papua as a Green State is a vision for "Making Peace with Nature in the 21st century", first in West Papua, then across our Pacific Islands family of countries and territories and finally with international partners.

The Vision of the Green State of West Papua is to restore, promote and maintain balance and harmony, amongst human and non-human beings, based on reciprocity and respect toward all beings. The modern-day concept of sustainability, meaning meeting our own needs without compromising the ability of future generations to meet theirs, and the conservation of biodiversity, are important parts of this Vision.

The Green State will be driven by the needs of society and the environment, rather than the economy. Instead of focusing on economic growth and ‘development’, the laws and policies of the Green State will be oriented towards restoring and protecting the environment, and maintaining balance and harmony in and amongst people and the environment. The Green State will take urgent and decisive action to combat and mitigate global heating and the climate emergency, addressing the impact of gas, mining, logging, palm oil plantations and other activities in West Papua. The Green State will make ecocide a criminal offence nationally and advocate for it to be made an international crime for prosecution at the International Criminal Court. The Green State will offer assistance to our brothers and sisters in the Pacific affected by climate change.

The Green State will devolve guardianship of lands, forests, waters and the natural environment. Important decisions will be made by customary authorities in accordance with indigenous knowledge and customary values and norms, supported by appropriate laws, policies, institutions, and technical and financial resources, and taking into account international standards and principles of environmental protection and management.

The Green State will combine features of the modern democratic State with this customary and community-based approach. This includes a representative Legislature, an effective,
responsive and accountable Executive Government, and an independent and impartial Judiciary. The Green State will be safeguarded by strong, effective and independent institutions and mechanisms to ensure good governance, prevent corruption and abuse or misuse of power at all levels. In particular, there will be mechanisms to ensure that the coercive arms of the State, such as the Police and the Military do not abuse or misuse their power and that citizens and residents of the Green State of West Papua will be safe and secure from unlawful killing and ill-treatment at the hands of the State.

The Green State will be underpinned by laws and institutions that protect human rights in accordance with international standards and principles, including civil and political rights and the rights of women, children and minority groups.

The Green State will provide free education and free healthcare to its citizens and residents and develop social and economic policies and laws in line with this Vision.